The mission of Project New Start, Inc. is to assist men, women and children in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become productive members of society, by providing committed volunteers and a faith based lifestyle according to the precepts and teachings of the Bible.

New Life Church ministers to those who are in the local nursing homes and  bringing  hope to those shut in.  They also minister to the inmates at the Jackson County Detention Center every week.

"A Recovery Center for Mothers & Children"

The State Street Mission is a mission here in Newport that is focused on sharing God’s love. Here we have a number of things that we do to reach out to the community. Some of the things that we do include cooking and grilling, and clothing the needy. The children at State Street Mission now have a playground and basketball courts as well as picnic tables and barbecue grills. Come and join us for the various activities or just simply bring your family for a day at the park. We would love to see you.  Please stop by and enjoy what God has blessed this community with.  Thank you and may God bless you. 

Discipleship Programs

Our Discipleship Programs have meetings once a week to discuss our outreach projects and how we can spread the word of God to the community.

(Recovery Home For Men, Women and Pregnant Women)

(We Support)

Men's Discipleship Program

Meets Every Wednesday at 6 A.M. at different restaurants around the community to discuss outreach projects.  Places to be announced every week!

Women's Discipleship Program

​(Living Waters Ministry)

Has prayer meeting every Thursday at 2 P.M. in the church.  Also has meetings at different places to discuss outreach.  Meeting times and places to be announced!

"Every Child Matters"

Nursing Home/Jail Ministries

Monday -Saturday

Closed for Lunch 


Address: 712B Malcolm St., Newport, AR 72112

a Second Hand Store across from the Smokehouse restaurant in Newport, Arkansas.  We have a variety of items including furniture, bicycles, toys, electronics, clothes and a variety of what-nots.  These things are all very reasonably priced and all proceeds go to Living Water. These proceeds really do make a difference.  For more information about the Living Water, click on the page under "ministries". 

​​The Living Water Recovery Center provides homes for mothers and their children. These homes will allow mothers a chance to have their children and become the mother we know they can be. The homes will provide a safe, stable, Christian, and loving environment. The Living Water Recovery Center will equip these mothers in order to obtain employment and be able to have the opportunity to get on their feet again. God has a purpose and plan for everyone.  We want to give these mothers, who have wandered on the wrong paths and made bad decisions a chance to turn their lives around and give their children the lives they deserve through Jesus Christ. They will be able to fulfill their potential and be all that they can. There is a place of a better tomorrow; and here at the Living Water Recovery Center we want to offer that. Through Godly principals and Biblical teachings; our vision is to see each woman and child become happy, healthy, and whole.

Where God Is Changing Lives